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Welcome to Bondhu Mahal Beach Camp

At that moment Mousuni Island is the most popular weekend off beat destination for adventure and nature lovers. But not many people are still aware of its location. A small island, Mousuni is located close to Namkhana; West Bengal, India .The Island is located at Mohana near Jambu Deep and Sagardeep. The meeting of the river and the sea is a very unique thing. Bird lovers are sure to find their own little piece of heaven here, whether the season, you will found different types of bird here. This Island will allow you to fell the nature closely; this place is also known for photographer’s paradise, beach camping at night and lot more and feels your heart with joy.

Nestled at the confluence of a river and the sea, it offers a unique natural experience. Birdwatchers will delight in the diverse avian species, making it a photographer’s paradise. Spend your nights beach camping here and let Mousuni Island fill your heart with joy.

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Discover a hidden paradise where every moment is infused with the joy of connecting with nature. Explore Mousuni Island and create cherished memories amidst its pristine beauty.

24 Hrs. Room Services

Experience unparalleled convenience with round-the-clock room service, ensuring your every need is met, any time of day or night.


Indulge in a culinary journey at our exquisite restaurant, offering a delectable array of dishes crafted to satisfy every palate.

Wifi Connection

Stay connected effortlessly with seamless Wi-Fi access, allowing you to work, browse, and connect with ease during your stay.

24 Hrs. Power Backup

Enjoy uninterrupted comfort with our reliable 24-hour power backup, ensuring a seamless experience throughout your stay.

Children's Play Area

Let your little ones frolic in a safe and engaging environment, complete with a play area designed for their enjoyment.

24 Hrs. Security

Rest easy knowing that our vigilant 24-hour security team is dedicated to ensuring your safety and peace of mind during your stay.

Our Rooms

Our Cottages & Tent

Bondhu Mahal Beach Camp offers you deluxe AC and non AC cottage & luxury tents. A comfortable and inviting space equipped with essential amenities. It features a cozy bed, a private bathroom also a common bathroom all are western style, a fan and In-room dining facility. Additionally, guests can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi access, a work desk, and a seating area for relaxation. The room is designed to provide a pleasant stay with its eco-friendly decor and minimal furnishings, ensuring a convenient and enjoyable experience for guests.

2 Men Dome Tent

AC/ Non AC Cottage

Why Choose Us

How to Reach Bondu Mahal Beach Camp?

Discover a hidden paradise where every moment is infused with the joy of connecting with nature. Explore Mousuni Island and create cherished memories amidst its pristine beauty.

Modes of Transport

By Train

Trains run throughout the day between Sealdah I Namkhana Station. The first train departs from Sealdah at 4 AM and reaches Namkhana at 7.02 AM. (Avail Lakshmikantapur Local from Sealdah)After reaching Namkhana avail a shared or reserved vehicle to 10 Miles/7 Miles Ferry Ghat.Cross the Chinai River by boat, avail a electric rickshaw upto Bondhu Mahal Beach camp.

Modes of Transport

By Car

To reach Mousuni by car or motorcycle you have to take route from Kolkata to Bakkhali via Diamond Harbour, after crossing Hatania-Doania river bridge ask local people for the route of 10Mile/7Mile/ Hujjuter Ghat.At the ferry Ghat you will find parking place for your own car. Boats usually carry motorcycles upto Patibuniya/Bagdanga Ghat. There will be lots Toto, just ask anyone to go Bondhu Mahal Beach camp.

Modes of Transport

By Bus

One can catch Volvo bus from Esplanade, two buses run everyday from Esplanade to Namkhana or else you can take government buses from Dharmatala After reaching 10 Mile bus stop, book a Toto till kheya ghat, after the ferry take a Toto and reach Bondhu Mahal Beach camp.


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Anamika Singh Happy Customer

Visiting Mousuni Island was a dream come true! The pristine beaches, mesmerizing sunsets, and abundant wildlife left me in awe. It's a hidden paradise that everyone should experience.

Ranjan Singh Happy Customer

I can't get enough of Mousuni Island's natural beauty. The serene landscape, friendly locals, and the feeling of being one with nature – it's a paradise worth every moment spent.

Prateek Pathak Happy Customer

Nature enthusiasts, don't miss out on Mousuni Island! The birdwatching opportunities are fantastic, and the feeling of isolation from the outside world is truly rejuvenating. A hidden gem indeed!

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